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Fresh Starts…

The last year has been one of new starts and new opportunities and I figure that while I’m at it, it’s time for a fresh new blog start.  I an attempt to redefine who I am as a wife, a follower of Christ, and a professional, I decided that it’s time for my blog to take on a new role.

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I Promise…

I promise that I will get to a “real” post soon.  I don’t know why that when I have the least going on that I blog the least.  I will say that I have been spending some time trying to re-energize my Mary Kay business.  So, in honor of my summer jump start, I’m offering 15%off your entire purchase from now until Friday (8/15).  You can call, e-mail, text, go online, shout it, however you want to order I’ll take it.

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Not Me Monday…well sort of


Hello everyone!  This is my first official blog post.  And who am I?  My name is Jill.  That’s right.  I’m giving Kathy a break this week since she’s been busy helping me take care of my puppies.  Oh yeah, maybe I should mention that I’m not really a person.  I am a purebred 4 year old Border Collie.  That’s a picture of me and my puppies at the top.  I’ve been hearing about these “Not Me Monday” posts and they sounded pretty interesting, so I thought I’d give it a try.   I think you’ll find it very interesting.

First, there is no way that I decided to come in “Season” the week after Jerrad and Kathy got married.  I knew they had a lot going on so I did not try to hinder them by digging out of the lot, tearing through chain link, and climbing out of kennels.  I also did not decide to have a little honeymooon fun of my own with the other males in the lot (one beagle and another border collie).   And better yet, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t make it very very hard for Kathy to figure out who “got to me.”

Then, I know I didn’t hide my pregnancy until the last two weeks (they just thought I had gained some weight).  And after the puppies were born,  there is no way that those puppies could look like either beagles or border collies so they don’t know whether they will have to sell them or beg people to take them.

And now, I’m not keeping my humans busy by constantly trying to break out of a steel horse trailer (which I did not break out of completely at least once).  And I certainly did not get scared of the fireworks the other night and climb across the trailer divider to hide in the bottom drawer of an old dresser that is being stored there for now.  And I kind of didn’t forget to bring my puppies with me (oops!).  The next day, I did not decide that the dresser would be a better place to keep my puppies and did not try to bring them over there with me.  Kathy did not catch me in the act and make me put them back.  Well, it seems that Kathy has caught on to my antics and fixed everything so I can’t do what I want.  So it would be very bad if I had decided to constantly move the puppies to different places in the trailer and never leave them in the same place for more than 8 hours.  Whew!  I sure have been busy keeping my humans busy. And one more thing…Kathy decided to put up some sticky fly paper to try to keep down the flies.  But, I’m pretty sure that I did not get hung up in at least 2 of those papers and have them stuck all over my body and around my tail so that she had to cut them off of me.

Well, I had better run on now.  My puppies are hungry and I’m going to see what other people food I can finagle out of Kathy.

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Love…

1. I love the I’m not a super girly girl (please disregard my last Not Me Monday post).
2. I love that my friend Kelley keeps me grounded in girly roots.
3. I love that I have too many vegetables in my garden.
4. I love being able to give the veggies away to people.
5. I love that I have my Papa to thank for that.
6. I love living in the shade now. There’s almost always a breeze.
7. I love sleeping in during the summer.
8. I love love love my niece and nephews.
9. I love when Katie says “Hey darlin'”
10. I love Friends. Seriously. I’m addicted. I think I can quote all the words.
11. I love when Jerrad plays with my wedding rings during church when he holds my hand.
12. I love my new kitchen table.
13. Finally, I love that wordpress has a publish later feature, because I’m really typing this post on Sunday night since it’s almost 12:30 and I still can’t go to sleep.

Not Me Monday

I don’t have a lot to write, but here goes…

Jerrad I did not go outside around 11pm in our PJ’s (him just underwear) last night to see what the dogs were barking at. And upon seeing a set of eyes in the tree beside the lot, we didn’t move closer to find that it was a possum. Then I know I didn’t hold the flash light so that he could use a big limb to knock the possum out of the tree so that the dogs would quick barking. But then again, I didn’t get a little scared the possum would run up my pants leg so I did not in any way lock myself inside the dog lot with my border collies in hopes that if the possum ran through the lot, the dogs would get him before he got me.

Boy, we sure would be a strange couple if we actually did things like that.


Oh so much on my mind lately. I guess that’s why I haven’t blogged in several weeks. This has been the year of changes. I’ve blogged about many of those changes in recent posts. There has been so much on my mind (nothing bad) that I haven’t had the energy to put it in writing. So now, it’s 11:35pm and I have to be up at 6:00am. I made the mistake of drinking a non-decaf cup of coffee when I got home. I can’t sleep so I’m hoping that writing will be very therapeutic for me tonight.

July 4 will be 3 months of marriage for Jerrad and me. To be honest, things have been great. We’ve only had one fight and it was because I told him I wasn’t qualified for a job. He got mad at me for putting myself down. That was it. I’ve learned more about myself in almost three months than I have in the last 3 years. I learned how truly selfish I can be. I’ve learned that I can’t get my feelings hurt because he didn’t do something (or did do something) if I didn’t tell him exactly what I wanted to begin with. I learned that I’m much more emotional than I ever realized. But I also learned that I’ve been robbed. Sounds strange, huh? Last night Jerrad and I had dinner with a family where the husband and wife had been married for 11 years, had their first child after 7 years of marriage, then had their second child last year. They are best friends. I think 7 years of marriage with just the two of you would make you best friends, would teach you how to enjoy each other’s company, to find comfort and joy in each other. I’m jealous. I wish Jerrad and I could have met and married earlier so that we could have had more time to enjoy and get to know each other. There are no plans for children anytime soon, but we don’t want to wait too long as I’ll be 30 {{yikes}} on Tuesday.

Right now, I hate church. That’s right, I said it. I hate church. And not for any of the reasons you may be thinking. Background info…when Jerrad and I got married, I moved 45 minutes (about 30 miles) away from my hometown because he owned a house and I didn’t. Plus, his house payment was cheaper than any rent around. Because of the distance of the move, I have had to change churches. It just really isn’t feasible for us to drive 45 minutes to church twice a day on Sunday and once on Wednesday, and all the other times. I had been at Arial for about 10 years. My whole family goes there. My best friends go there. It was home for me. We have been going to NHBC, a church very similar in makeup to my home church. It’s just not the same. I miss Arial. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss the feeling that everyone knows me and my talents and that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I miss that everyone knows me and I know their names. I miss having people to talk to. I don’t mean the casual small talk that I hate having with people I don’t really know just to keep from having awkward silence. [By the way, I don’t mind awkward silence. The shy introvert in me enjoys the silence. It’s much easier than making up something unmeaningful to talk about.] Anyway, I’m talking about talking with my friends about Crazy Lady, and Bobcat, and Burnout, and the list goes on. Things that only we know about but that mean so much to us! So needless to say, church just reminds me of what I don’t have anymore. I’m sad, but a little interested and excited to see what God has in store for me.

And speaking of church, Jerrad and I visited another church. Gasp! It’s a little more contemporary than NH, but we really enjoy the music. The preaching is NOWHERE as good as Brian’s. More than anything, we want to attend a church where both of us can be used, where we’ll have joy in what we do, and where both of us have or can make friends. Making new friends is very important to me right now since I don’t have any around here and I can’t expect mine to always make the trek up here to see me (making friends isn’t always easy for the shy introvert). But we’re praying and seeking God’s will and taking advantage of every opportunity he presents us with.

One last comment on this epic post…I’ll be 30 on Tuesday. I don’t feel 30. I really believe that age is just a state of mind. I still feel 24-25 and I haven’t started to have the aches/pains that everyone said I would by now. My sister-in-law tells me it’s only because I haven’t had kids yet. lol! Looking back over the last 30 years, I have been tremendously blessed. I can only hope that the next 30 will be just as great.

Goodnight. I’m going to try to get some sleep now. That is after I watch a Friends rerun.


My dad is now on Twitter.  I think that is so cool.  It’s kind of funny that he and I have talked more since I’ve been married than we did before.  It’s kind of need.  And he was oh so proud of the new deadbolt I installed here at the house all by myself.  So Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Not Me Monday

It’s time once again for another installment of Not Me Monday!

This past Saturday, I absolutely did not forget to wear sunscreen at an all day outdoor even. And as a result, I know for certain that I do not have a bright red, painful ring shaped sunburn marking where the collar of my shirt was.

I also did not stop at Dunkin Donuts on my way to work this morning to buy, whatelse, coffee and doughnuts. This would have been especially bad since Jerrad and I are trying not to eat out unless we have planned it.

And last, but not least, I did not get bored during a 3 hour church service commemorating the 80th anniversary of the church. The service really was special, but I did NOT manage to get so bored that I used my 5 year old nephew as an excuse to get up and walk outside so that he could have a break.

Until next Monday…

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